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As human beings, we are not symmetrical from toes to heels. Under that principle, the way we approach backside and frontside turns are not the same too, so it seemed that building a board that commits to this theory made sense.

Having a longer rail line and bigger fin in the toe side empowers your speed and that feeling of projecting down the line with more control. So now that you have the speed and are ready to hit the lip or launch that roundhouse, you´ll find at the heel side that the curvy and pulled in tail with double fin set up, will give you high turnability and grip to launch any maneuver with more ease and flow. Under these principles this board is intended to be ridden indistinctly right or left, just don´t forget to choose whether goofy or regular.

choose the same volume as your normal shortboard and go 2 to 5 inches shorter than you would normally go.

Ride it twin fin with your favorite “MR´S” or tri-fin using an “MR” type fin on your toe side and a quad set on your heel side.

Think about “the weird” as a high-performance surfboard and use it on powerful surf, no matter the size. This board will shine as the surf conditions get more demanding.

Rocker info Medium entry rocker with a decent kick in the tail.
Rail info Low rails.
Bottom info Deep single concave from the nose throughout the tail
Wave height 1 - 2.98m
Paddle power
Drive speed
Starts from 720 €
4Tail shape
5Fin system
6Type of bottom

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