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Classic retro board. It is a board that I would recommend having in every surfer’s quiver. A board that never disappoints and makes you have an incredible day of surfing! For me personally, it is a magical board! in this case, it is a somewhat modernized version, only at the point of the bottom, the rest remains very classic. It has 60/40 – 70/30 edges maintaining volume in the part close to the outside, the pelican tip, and also maintaining volume. It is a very fast board in general and has a very good entry into the wave anticipating the take-off.

The wave range is quite large, it is not necessarily a summer board but it is perfect in winter waves. It holds very well waves with little force but also strong walls, and tubes among others. Being a board with a very flat rocker gives you a lot of speed in the caving, overcoming sections, etc… It has a belly bottom to move from edge to edge more easily but also carries a concave of 3/4 that deepens in the part of the keels. It is a board that gives a surf both in the strong zone of the breaker and a wide surf in the whole arm.

Its great speed gives it a very easy and fun surf! watch out! don’t get comfortable that you won’t want to surf with another one 😉

Rocker info Flat
Rail info 60/40-70/30
Bottom info Belly, but also carries a concave of 3/4 that deepens in the part of the keels
Wave height 0 - 3m
Paddle power
Drive speed
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2Fin system

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Size 5'0 x 20 3/4'' x 2 5/16"
Fin system Futures


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