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This board is the most versatile board of the Shelby quiver. After being tested in all kinds of conditions by our team riders, this old-school-looking board seems to be the best friend to travel in any kind of conditions.

“Paddles like a longboard and hits the lip like a high-performance board!!”
No matter your surfing level or wave size and shape, this board will commit to your demands and will make you enjoy your ride all the way. She won’t let you down!

For a more performance ride, pump it up with 2 or 3 liters more and choose it 2 to 5 inches shorter than your normal shortboard.
If you want a more glide and relaxed experience, you can increase “The Navigator” size up to 6´6” and still you´ll be surprised by its looseness.
The favorite fin set up for this board is a 6” to 7” center fin combined with side bites.

If you want to go looser and classic, choose your favorite single fin and you´ll be ready to go.

Board type Mid Length
Rocker info Low entry and tail rocker
Rail info Medium modern rails for high turnability and control.
Bottom info Slight single concave, changing to a double concave throughout the fins finishing with a vee at the tail.
Wave height - m
Paddle power
Drive speed
Starts from 650 €
3Fin system
4Fin layout

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