This is our mid-length version of a round pin tail twin. Its benefits are ease of paddle, plenty of speed to burn, free-flowing, and ease to turn.

A board that perfectly combines control and speed. very maneuverable.

If you want to experience the benefits of mid-lengths, then stay always above 6’8 “at least.

It’s available from 5’10” to 8’0”, just in case you like options.

The channels are totally handcrafted in house.

Will work for surfers of all abilities and a broad variety of conditions.

The harder rails are designed to have a margin of error, but provide more grip when the waves are bigger and hollow. The concaves are designed to make the board both maneuverable and fast. A narrower round with a slightly-pin tail allows for a shorter turning radius and a good grip for surfing in the pocket, the hollow area of the wave.

Press hard with your back foot and feel the reaction. The glassier and hollower the conditions the more you will feel that extra push. The water channeling through and being pushed adds extra grip and acceleration.

This board is a must-have in your quiver!

Price starts at 599 Eur

Contact us for an accurate quote regarding style and looks on this board!

Wave height 0.5 - 2.5m
Paddle power
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Starts from 599 €
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