Fish Performance



This board although it has a retro fish look, really hides characteristics of a modern shortboard/board. It has a strong performance for surfers looking for a shortboard-like response, a more radical surf, with tighter and stronger turns but at the same time has a hint of magic of the retro fishes.

It is a board with a 60/40 edge, a more pronounced rocker, the bottom has an evolution from single concave to double concave finished in “V” giving great speed but at the same time, the “V” facilitates its passage from edge to edge giving it better response and looseness in the turns.

Board type Fish
Rocker info Pronounced
Rail info 60/40
Bottom info Evolution from single concave to double concave finished in "V"
Wave height 0 - 4m
Paddle power
Drive speed
Starts from 1,095 €
2Fin system

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